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Metals of universal value

Orion Metal Recycling trades in non-ferrous metals and production waste from various industries for further processing. At the Hoboken site we carefully inspect, analyse and sort the supplied materials to obtain a pure end result. If necessary, we reduce the new raw materials, so that they meet our buyers’ full requirements.

“Orion Metal Recycling is an active player on the non-ferrous market at home and abroad. We buy metals from scrap metal companies, as well as production waste from manufacturers.„

At the start of the cycle

Orion Metal Recycling is a Belgian family company in heart and soul, active at various locations in Western Europe. For us, waste is not the end, but the start of an infinite cycle. We acquire the ingredients for our core activities throughout Europe.

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Raw materials

Thanks to our extensive experience and innovative installations, we can ecologically process these materials into new raw materials that are in demand all over the world.

At BST, we call this ‘the art of recycling’.

Passion and innovation

Inspired by the notion of a circular economy, we consistently invest in innovation. This makes it possible to recycle and prepare even more materials for reuse. This idea is ingrained in each one of us, in each Orion employee. So it is no coincidence that our commitment and passion for ‘circular recycling’ translates into the highest possible ISO certifications and international trading standards, such as AQSIQ. We are also a member of organizations such as BIR, EURIC, ISRI, MRAI etc.

We are proud of our recycling skills

Orion Metal Recycling is ambitious. We want to be the frontrunner in a new way of thinking, in which ecology and economy go hand in hand. In which innovations and revolutionary technologies make a real difference. In which our earth’s valuable and natural resources become part of a continuous circular economy. In short, one in which generations to come also have a future.

Our heart beats for recycling

Het “hart dat klopt” staat voor de ziel van BST, voor engagement, passie en gedrevenheid die je terugvindt bij elke BST’er. Maar ons hart klopt ook voor onze waardes. Ze worden gedragen door iedereen binnen ons familiaal bedrijf. Tegelijk zijn het de fundamenten waarop BST is gebouwd, want…

Our heart beats for…

YOU (& everything we do)

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Contact us

Orion Metal Recycling NV
Van Praetstraat 90
B-2660 Hoboken (Antwerpen)
(+32) 3 820 46 90