Our heart beats
for recycling


Thorough and controlled

The government has authorised Belgian Car Recycling as an official centre for the destruction of cars that are being taken out of circulation. In the depollution centre, our experts depollute the end-of-life cars in a thorough and controlled manner. Harmful substances such as liquids, tyres and batteries are removed.

The geographical distribution of our authorised facilities for end-of-life vehicles guarantees an efficient and environmentally friendly collection. Of the tens of thousands of cars we process annually, we recycle no less than 95%, making us global leader.

Our heart is green

Belgian Car Recycling is ambitious. We want to be the frontrunner in a new way of thinking, in which ecology and economy go hand in hand. In which innovations and revolutionary technologies make a real difference. In which our earth's valuable and natural resources become part of a continuous circular economy. In short, one in which generations to come also have a future.

Collecting end-of-life cars