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Private Individual

Old metals, ferrous and non-ferrous, old iron, end-of-life cars, ships and industrial scrap. Also discarded electrical appliances, printers etc.

Industry & demolition

Total Scrap Management: we take care of your scrap management, from A to Z.

End processor

Raw materials, fine processing – both ferrous and non-ferrous.

Garage & car dealer

Authorised centre for the destruction of cars that are being taken out of circulation.

Metals of universal value

The Belgian Scrap Terminal Group stands for high-quality recycling. We are a Belgian family company in heart and soul, active at various locations in Western Europe. As market leader, Belgian Scrap Terminal processes more than one million tons of metal a year. We bring mountains of scrap back into the economic cycle as raw materials.


Individual expertise, collective strength

“Our group consists of specialised companies, each employing state-of-the-art recycling techniques to responsibly reclaim discarded materials. Thanks to complimentary expertise, our group can provide a wide range of recycling services and supply renewed raw materials to our customers’ specifications.„

At the start of the cycle

For us, waste is not the end, but just the start of an infinite cycle. We obtain the ingredients for our core activities from all over Europe, from discarded appliances to industrial scrap.

Thanks to our extensive experience and innovative installations, we can ecologically process these materials into new raw materials that are in demand all over the world.

At BST, we call this ‘the art of recycling’.

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Raw materials, fine processing

The Belgian Scrap Terminal Group actively scours the market and buys manufacturing scraps and various materials. After careful analysis, we process them to realise an end result with maximum purity. This is how new raw materials are created, which we supply tailored to our buyers’ requirements.

Our heart is green

We continuously invest in recycling and environmental technologies. Not a single material we receive escapes the scrutiny of our radioactivity counters. We purify the rainwater at all our sites and keep the emissions of our machines under control. We deliberately choose water transport because of its small ecological footprint. Every day, our own quays welcome barges, coasters and even bulk carriers up to 55,000 tons.

Passion and innovation

We firmly believe in sustainable waste management. At the same time, we understand that pure materials are of quintessential importance nowadays. In order to meet the increasing requirements of our buyers as well as governments, we consistently invest in innovation. That is why we are now able to recycle 95% of a discarded vehicle. Moreover, we recycle up to 90% of all electrical and electronic devices collected by Recupel, so that they can be turned into new useful applications.

We are proud of our recycling skills

The Belgian Scrap Terminal Group is ambitious. We want to be the frontrunner in a new way of thinking, in which ecology and economy go hand in hand. In which innovations and revolutionary technologies make a real difference. In which our earth’s valuable and natural resources become part of a continuous circular economy. In short, one in which generations to come also have a future.

Belgian Scrap Terminal has the following branches:

Belgian Scrap Terminal NV

Land van Waaslaan 4, Haven 1201
B 9130 Kallo
(+32) 3 575 05 75

Belgian Scrap Terminal NV

Boomsesteenweg 170
B 2830 Willebroek
(+32) 3 860 94 80


BST Hoboken

Van Praetstraat 90
B-2660 Hoboken (Antwerpen)
(+32) 3 828 29 28

BST Wallonie SA

Rue des Tuiliers 28
Parc d’activités économiques
de Hermalle-sous-Huy
B 4480 Engis
(+32) 85 27 08 80


BST Luxembourg SA

Route de Bouillon 341
B 6700 Arlon (Stockem)
(+32) 63 22 27 96

BST Grand-Duché de Luxembourg SA

Boulevard de Prince Henri 3b
1724 Luxembourg
Grand-Duché de Luxembourg


Route de Bon Secours
Le Port Quai n°4 – F 08600 Givet
(+33) 3 24 26 44 00


Avenue du Général Bigeard 1606
F 54200 Toul